Vulnerability is not just about hurting. It is about openness. Not only to pain, adversity, loss and death, but also to the things we most desire and cherish: to love, intimacy, creativity, sex, birth, wonder; to being truly touched by another human being, being truly seen for who we are; to the sheer adventure of being alive; to the sacred spirit that imbues the world... When we are most vulnerable, we are most alive, most open to all the dimensions of existence. In our vulnerability is our power.
— Miriam Greenspan

Through empathic presence, deep listening and a fiercely courageous heart Anat companions those walking through the dark waters of grief, the realms of personal transformation and the mysteries of death and dying. She combines a holistic orientation with skills and practices both ancient and modern, creating a safely held space for individuals and families to do these most sacred of tasks.

Anat graduated with a Master’s degree from Sofia University in Transpersonal Psychology in 2010 and in 2013 completed a residency year of post-graduate training at Emanuel Hospital and Randall Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon (Clinical Pastoral Education) where she continued to serve on staff as an interfaith chaplain for several years. She currently serves as a pediatric palliative care chaplain at OHSU. Anat has deepened her practice with the M.E.T.A. Institute, studying Hakomi, a somatic and mindfulness based therapeutic modality and is a certified Compassionate Bereavement Care provider through the MISS Foundation.

Working at a level 1 trauma center has given her extensive experience in companioning families and individuals through traumatic events, acute crisis and sudden loss, providing a warm and calming and presence in the midst of emotionally intense situations. She has also supported families of those who are dealing with life-altering injuries or who, through age or illness, are approaching end of life. With deep reverence she has attended countless deaths, bearing witness to life's most sacred of moments.

Seasoned by her own encounters with grief, personal transformation and the beautiful crucible of parenting and committed relationship, Anat has been uniquely prepared to serve the community. With nearly ten years of deep energy work and meditative practice behind her, she recently started her private practice, offering ongoing support for individuals and families.

Anat lives in Portland, Oregon with her Beloved and three daughters where she continues her personal exploration of full-spectrum, embodied living: from the shadowland of the psyche to the most sublime beauty, and everything in between.