When we fully honor our many losses, our lives become more able to embody the wild joy that aches to leap from our hearts into the shimmering world.
— Francis Weller

Grief and loss are initiations that takes us deep into the roots, the shadowlands of our being where they work a wild alchemy there, if we honor the journey, giving it the space it needs to move and flow. This is sacred work; work that touches the core of our being – emotionally and spiritually – touching the tenderest places of the human heart and carrying the potential for deep healing and transformation.

I offer compassionate and caring presence for those experiencing bereavement, grief and loss. My focus includes supporting those who have experienced traumatic loss after an unexpected death, death of a child, or violent death. Other areas of supportive care include:

  • Traumatic loss
  • Relationship loss
  • Ambiguous and “living” loss
  • Vicarious trauma
  • Compassion fatigue for caregivers and acute care workers
  • Early childhood loss
  • Ancestral and collective grief, intergenerational trauma
  • Grief manifesting in the body
  • Terminal illness

Together we will hold space for your deeper story to unfold.


Call 503-479-8096 or email Anat LeBlanc for a free consultation: AnatLuceLeBlanc@gmail.com

Many of us spend our whole lives running from feeling with the mistaken belief that you cannot bear the pain. But you have already borne the pain. What you have not done is feel all you are beyond that pain.
— Khalil Gibran
To honor our grief, to grant it space and time in our frantic world, is to fulfill a covenant with soul – to welcome all that is, thereby granting room for our most authentic life.
— Francis Weller