Safety. I recognize and honor the privilege it is to journey with you through the most tender places of the soul. My commitment to you is to hold a space of safety and warmth for your journey of exploration and healing — in whatever way that healing takes form.

Wholeness. While we may work with painful events, memories, feelings, and states, I understand that you are not your pain. Even as we walk through challenging territory, I will continue to hold the truth of your innate wholeness, and support the fullest expression of your authentic “you-ness.”

Non-violence. I deeply value a non-violent approach, never pushing beyond what you are comfortable with. I also understand that we have a variety of defensive strategies that have helped us navigate an often scary and painful world. I recognize these defenses as assets — skills that have helped keep us alive — while also understanding they do not always serve us in our current life. These too will be met with honor, compassion and care as we explore more inclusive ways of being.

Mindfulness. With training in Hakomi, I often work with clients in a present-moment state of awareness. This state is experiential, an exploration of what is happening real-time inside you including thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, imagery and surfacing memories. These interconnected experiences help us come into contact with deeply held core beliefs about self and the world and open up potential for core level healing and transformation.

Holistic. I work from the worldview that the body, mind and spirit are deeply interconnected. With this in mind my work includes a combination of approaches:

  • Narrative — telling your story
  • Mindfulness — non-judgmental, present-moment awareness
  • Somatic — welcoming the body’s inherent wisdom
  • Soul-work — discovering and honoring your sacred uniqueness and purpose in the world
  • Heart-work — feeling and welcoming all feelings and emotions
  • Spiritual unfolding
  • Relational — honoring that we exist in relationship to others and in community
  • Ceremony — using self-designed ritual, ceremony and spiritual practices to honor and nourish the soul through life's initiations and transitions

My work is also informed by attachment theory, neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, nature-based spirituality, indigenous wisdom and more than 10 years of personal energy work and meditative practice.

Touch. Because of this holistic orientation and somatic approach, body awareness and touch are an integral part of our work together. This could look like you, the client, noticing your own internal body-sensations, the use of blankets or other props, or safe and therapeutic touch. All effort is made to ensure that touch is done with client permission, and discontinued immediately should it become unwelcome. Touch of a sexual nature is never appropriate from either client or therapist.

Inclusive. I welcome clients from any race, culture, faith tradition, sexual orientation and gender identity. While I may not know the nuances of your orientation to life I am committed to being emotionally attuned and culturally sensitive, appreciating the amazing diversity of our time.

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not a mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition and of unspeakable love.
— Washington Irving

Professional Disclosure. I do not assess, diagnose or treat mental health disorders. With extensive training in Transpersonal Psychology, post-graduate clinical chaplaincy training (CPE residency), personal energetic and meditative practice and several years as a full-time hospital chaplain, I have chosen to operate as “exempt from licensure.” If you have specific mental health concerns, I am happy to connect you with like-minded, licensed mental health professionals.