Thank you for registering for the upcoming Grief Alchemy Ceremony. I’m thrilled to be gathering a sweet group of participants and welcome you to be a part. 

A little info about how the day will be structured:

Please arrive on time to settle in.

While I've designed the day to be a cohesive whole, I'll be breaking down the workshop into two parts. 

The first part will about nourishment and resourcing, with a 30 minute musical playlist. During this movement time, we'll explore various ways to move and focus on letting the body move toward pleasure, goodness, freedom and connection and also introduce you to the flow of the musical journey. My hope is that it will start us out well-resourced and grounded in our bodies. We will add to this goodness with altar spaces made of items that remind us of the nourishment and goodness of life, as well as a space dedicated to the symbols that remind us of our connection to Spirit. 

The second half we’ll begin the grief portion with circle time, the creation of a grief altar and then move into a longer and more poignant playlist, designed to evoke and create room for grief, sadness, longing and even anger, and ending with songs that welcome in beauty and healing.  

Please come in comfortable clothes you'll be able to move freely in.

Please Bring:

  • A journal 
  • Water bottle with lid
  • A photo or symbol of your loss
  • A symbol or item that nourishes you and brings you joy
  • An item that reminds you of your connection to Spirit and/or your ancestors. 
  • A light lunch or snack (we’ll have a break prior to 1 pm)

I’m very much looking forward to being with you on this journey! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.